What you can expect when working with MaxInman.Biz

Full Terms of use include:  This linked document and the following:

1. The hourly rate is $120/hour which can be prorated at $2 per minute for any customers not on a contract or pre-arranged assignment.  We do expect to be paid up front for any project, service or task that is assigned.  I do run specials on occasion.

2. Repeat customers in good standing can get reduced hrly rates and billing terms.  

3.  Website names will be acquired and hosted via maxinman.startlogic.com, space owned by and hosted by MaxInman.Biz  Each site, including domain name, will be renewed and hosted for an $107 annual fee for an unlimited amount of space and an unlimited amount of email names.  New customers having a website purchased or acquired via trade, will have hosting included during the first year of service.  Customer agrees to 2 years of hosting and renewal service minimum.  So even with the first year free, customer agrees to renew the second year for only $81/site/domain name (this is a tremendous deal, the deal includes one free hour of edits to your site per renewal, which is a $120 value!)!   And we hope you’ll stay forever.  We really appreciate your business!

4. If MaxInman.Biz purchases a website and the customer decides not to do service with MaxInman.Biz they agree to pay MaxInman.Biz for the website name and to have it transferred, canceled or parked ($200).  This is fair because we did research to get the best name and purchased the site or sites with our own real money and time in the hope that customer would do business with MaxInman.Biz.  MaxInman.Biz agrees to transfer all sites purchased for customer for $200 plus the actual wholesale cost of each site ($5.99 to $50 for TLD or Special TLD’s).  

5. Website server transfer charge after setup of site: $200.  Some customers choose to move the website files to another server or change service providers. We’ll assist in any way possible.  We’ve found that most need help with this, at least the first time, therefore the fee. MaxInman.Biz Technicians end up spending a couple of hours of time dealing with it at minimal.  We get a lot of calls to check it, and the first couple tries always seem to fail for some reason; even when there is another webmaster involved.

6. Each website can be responsive however it may require more work, at the usual/regular rate.  So it will look good on a computer, tablet and a smart phone. Sites created after 1 Jan 2016 will automatically be responsive.

7. No matter what service MaxInman.Biz provides there is always a lot of care involved, this takes time (and YES, “Time is money”).  Plus having the life and business experience that we do, we do our best to put as much detail into the job.  Even then we’ll respond to what the customer wants.  Please give MaxInman.Biz the opportunity to make it right, no matter what the issue; and have patience. However should you not be happy with the service we will work something out with you.  Usually you’d pay for what we’ve done to that point, sometimes a transfer fee, and then the balance would be refunded.

8. All services are paid for up front.  We like to avoid problems by making sure we have duplicated all the customer’s wants and needs before starting work. MaxInman.Biz likes to have a contract signed before the start so that both parties understand what is wanted, needed and expected.  Work done on the fly with no prearrangement is not guaranteed nor will MaxInman.Biz take any responsibility for the outcome.  For example:  lost emails, files missing for whatever reason, pictures not accessable, etc.  However should work commence without a contract all the terms written here are in effect.

9. Once a service has been agreed to and completed, for example the SEO service where FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, and up to 500 listings have been done; and/or when website pages have been created and customer decides to switch in the middle of the project, then what was done has been done and payment is expected and will be deducted from the total paid up front).  There are no refunds for work considered completed by MaxInman.Biz.  Work already done can’t be taken back.  So by not paying for completed work you’ll be getting free service.  Some people call that criminal or theft of services.  Don’t be a criminal.

10. MaxInman.Biz reserves the right to cancel service, take down your website, block your phone number and email address or any action we deem necessary if your behavior becomes uncivil or rude or customers just doesn’t want to pay after a reasonable time has passed or for whatever reason customer may or may not relate after queried.

11.  You can link to any page of MaxInman.Biz provided that the link does not cast us in a false or misleading light. If you choose to link to our homepage you are obliged to inform us by E-mail - Click here. To hyperlink to any other Page or site in any manner will require prior written permission from MaxInman.Biz . You may not use Meta tags or any other "hidden text" including the MaxInman.Biz name or Trademarks without prior written permission from us. This is usually granted, I’d just like to know about it.