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Is the tax man coming for you?  Let me help you form a strategy!

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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Online advertising, also called Internet advertising, uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing.  Contact me now.



Make your website mobile compatible.  Get your .net, .org, .info, etc.  Getting the extra site makes it twice as likely you’ll show up in a Google search. Let me build your custom starter site, mobile site or micro site for $307.  See what you get >>>


APPS are a killer way to get your site, company, products and services directly on a smart phone.  And THAT IS where all the eyes are these days.  Contact me to talk about Apps.

Social Media!

 What did people do before social media?  How did we ever stay in touch.  I write that with a bit of sarcasm, but really almost everyone looking to maximize their web presence uses as many social media outlets as they can.

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 The graphic shows SEO and SEM.  SEM or search engine marketing usually involves paying a search engine like google for clicks using adwords.  Organic SEO is a way of getting higher listings without the monthly expense.


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Accounting with Quickbooks

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Logo/Graphics Design

 Logo & Graphics design that portrays quality & professionalism.  Get a great logo or porfessional design set for all your collateral.

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