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 Don't play hide and Go Seek with your customers…

The graphic on the left shows a representation of SEO and SEM.  SEM or search engine marketing usually involves paying a search engine like google for clicks using adwords. I don’t like to use SEM or adwords unless the client demands it, I prefer to code the website better to gain in organic searches.  Organic SEO is a way of getting higher listings without the recurring monthly expense.

While SEM yields almost instant results it is expensive.  SEO takes longer (2 - 6 weeks) but is longer lasting and is much like building a strong foundation for a tall sky scraper.  The bigger you want to get the better your foundation should be.

To code a website better requires access to the code of the site and in some cases a complete remodel.  SEO also involves creating high value links to the site.  Listing the site on as many listing service sites as well.  Getting Social Media pages created is very important for the best SEO results as well. So, for a complete package of all SEO advices it runs $1295.

When was the last time you used the phonebook? If you are depending on the Yellow Pages or White Pages to market your business you are invisible to potential customers that are using the internet. If you don't have a presence on the web, whether it is a website, blog, or a page on a social networking site like Facebook, then you are invisible to your customers that use the web.

Basic SEO which includes a one page website, Google + and Google Places page, Yelp Account and a Facebook page all verified and webmaster site registration with and is only  $375.

Want help reaching these people but don’t have a lot of money for marketing? Let me help, call/text me now: (503) 705-1521. Complete services include, not limited to: Link building

Website coding or refresh

Facebook page personal and business

Linkedin page setup

Google site

YouTube setup, Shoot videos

EBay account setup (sell your stuff globally)

Twitter account setup

Craigslist account setup (sell your stuff locally)

Email account setup on Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, etc.

In home consulting, training or Tutoring on any Software or Windows OS.

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