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Scan to DVD

Scan to DVD is a service that takes all of your archived (old) paperwork or old photos and digitizes (scans) them and puts the files on a DVD.  Once scanned to DVD the files can be opened on your tablet, laptop, iPhone, Android phone, anything that can read pdf files.  Then you can put the pdf into your website as a document or presentation.  It can be mad

Paper pages cost you about 10 cents each per month to just sit there and take up real estate.  

How many boxes of files are you storing?  

How many pictures do you have sitting in boxes rotting, molding or generally taking up space?

Just to give you an idea of what it costs to store paper:  If you have a 2400 SqFt house with a $1500 per month bill (with mortgage, taxes, utilities and maintenance) with a box of paper or photos taking up about 2 SqFt (you have to have room around it, and there are drawers and filing cabinets of all sizes), then you are paying $3.20 per month just to have that one box there.  How many boxes do you have?  The average person saves 7 boxes of paper and/or photos so $22.40 per month just to store paper.  That is $268.80 a year (JUST TO STORE PAPER!).  And that is just the average.  I have seen 20 to 40 boxes all totaled in the attic, basement, and garages of one customer.  And some of these boxes are BIG.  I had one guy use flower boxes, they are 3 feet long!

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